The Microbeads products are carefully engineered to meet industry requirements whether it is size, refractive index, surface structure, compability, density  or temperature stability that matters. 
Spheromers® CA and CS products are mono-sized cross-linked PMMA or PS beads used as functional additives in architectural and industrial coatings, thermoplastics compounds and masterbatches, technical ceramics and adhesives. The transparent beads have a perfect spherical shape and a very smooth surface. Standard sizes are 6, 10, 15, 20, 30 and 40 microns. The cross-linking degree of the beads can be adjusted according to application requirements. Tailor made products for special applications which require another bead diameter, functional group or co-polymers are available upon request.  


Calibre® CS is the brand name for monosized cross-linked PS beads especially engineered for high accuracy calibration applications. The beads have a perfect shape and a very smooth surface and are supplied as ready-to- use aqueous solutions in 15 mL bottles. The products are available in various sizes from 1 to 160 microns. 

Caché® CA is a cross-linked PMMA bead designed as a functional additive for cosmetics and toiletries applications. The physical properties and narrow particle distribution add unique flow properties and soft feel in the final products. Tailor made beads for applications which require another bead size, functional groups or co-polymers are available upon request.  

Spheromers® ensures completely matte paints with zero reflections even for paints with deep or black colors. Additionally it improves stain, burnish and scratch resistance which result in highly durable and washable coatings. >> read more

In thermoplastics compounds or masterbatches Spheromers® add surface and optical effects such as matting and light diffusion. >> read more

Caché® CA6,  is a cross-linked PMMA  bead with size of 6 micron especially designed for use  in cosmetics and toiletries. >> read more