Microbeads AS is a Norwegian company established in 2002 based upon the manufacturing of polymer beads. The uniform shape and size - monosized beads or "perfect spheres" are used as functional additives in a wide range of industries including Paints & Coatings, Plastics, Cosmetics, Calibration, Ceramics and Adhesives.


Microbeads AS has a strong customer focus and our flexible and innovative organization works closely with the customers to optimze and develop products for different applications. The large scale production combined with effective logistic solutions ensure fast and safe supply to the end users.

The polymer technology to manufacture monosized polymer beads was invented by the late Norwegian Professor John Ugelstad. The beads have been used for Medical- and Life Science applications for almost 20 years. Microbeads AS has the exclusive rights to patented technology and the ownership of patents directly related to production and use of beads in industrial applications. 




Spheromers® ensures completely matte paints with zero reflections even for paints with deep or black colors. Additionally it improves stain, burnish and scratch resistance which result in highly durable and washable coatings. >> read more

In thermoplastics compounds or masterbatches Spheromers® add surface and optical effects such as matting and light diffusion. >> read more

Caché® CA6,  is a cross-linked PMMA  bead with size of 6 micron especially designed for use  in cosmetics and toiletries. >> read more